Sembcorp provides total water and wastewater solutions that meet our industrial and municipal customers’ needs. Delivering innovative solutions for clean and sustainable water, we help our customers comply with discharge regulations, limit their environmental impact and conserve resources.

Sembcorp has global experience in running efficient high quality water and wastewater operations with first class customer service departments and billing systems using the latest technology.

Sembcorp’s water treatment plant in Teesside is one of the largest multi-stream facilities of its kind in Europe. The plant is capable of supplying more than 2,000 cubic metres of demineralised water to customers each hour (broadly equivalent to the volume of water in an Olympic sized swimming pool). At the Wilton International site Sembcorp serves customers with a variety of different types of water including potable water, raw water from reservoirs and demineralised water. Demineralised water is used for producing steam at the Wilton Power Station and is sent for use at other process plant facilities via a comprehensive system of pipelines. The raw water is generally used for process cooling purposes and also as a back-up supply for use in fire emergency situations.