Energy: Power and Steam

Sembcorp Utilities UK is the powerhouse behind the Wilton International site - one of the country’s most important manufacturing locations.

The company supplies electrical power and steam to industrial customers on the site via two combined heat and power (CHP) plants, plus a number of other power and steam generating facilities.

These facilities include:

The Sembcorp Biomass Power Station, also referred to as ‘Wilton 10’ came on line in 2007 and boasts the title of the United Kingdom’s first ever large scale “wood to energy” power facility.

The £64 million plant was a major step forward in the production of biomass-generated renewable energy in the UK. Producing 35 MW of electricity – enough to power a small town – it utilises around 300,000 tonnes a year of wood as its fuel, drawn from a variety of sustainable UK sources.

Much of the wood is recycled and collected at local authority waste disposal sites throughout the country. It is low value and with no alternative use so most of the wood was previously sent to landfill sites. The station is also fuelled by sawmill residues and small roundwood logs from managed forests throughout the north east of the country as well as short rotation coppice, a fast growing form of willow.

By generating genuine renewable energy, Wilton 10 is helping in the UK’s quest for a low carbon future, saving more than 200,000 tonnes a year of carbon dioxide emissions compared to a fossil fuel power station of a similar capacity – the equivalent to the CO2 emissions of around 67,000 vehicles a year.

It also helps to provide site customers with a more sustainable source of energy and boosts jobs and the economy in the forestry, wood recycling and transport sectors.

Recent modifications have made the plant significantly more environmentally efficient. An increased amount of heat from the process is now available for distribution around the site instead of sending it into atmosphere or converting it into water.

Wilton Power Station is one of the largest and most efficient combined heat and power (CHP) plants in the United Kingdom. This 270 MW plant is also linked to an associated major water treatment facility.

The Wilton Power Station has been the heart of power production at the Wilton International Industrial Park for decades. It has undergone many changes over the years and today features two high pressure (HP) boilers producing steam which is passed over a number of primary and secondary turbines to generate electricity. The electrical power is used by customers on site with all excess energy exported to the public via the National Grid. The steam is supplied to customers in four pressures - high pressure (HP), intermediate high pressure (IHP), intermediate pressure (IP) and low pressure (LP).

Major investments in an additional gas turbine (2004) and steam turbine (2011) have greatly added to the capacity, operational flexibility and reliability of the plant.

The £25 million GT1 gas turbine investment marked a new chapter in the history of power production at the Wilton International site.

The 42 MW combined heat and power (CHP) gas turbine and heat recovery steam generator, which can also produce up to 140 tonnes an hour of high pressure steam, was sanctioned within months of Sembcorp taking ownership of the power generating assets. It marked a step change in the operational availability and reliability of the Wilton Power Station.

The unit dramatically improved the station’s speed of response to customer demands for increased steam and substantially enhanced the station’s environmental performance, allowing for the removal of an older multi-fuel boiler.

The £36 million GT2 gas turbine was built on the success of the previous unit. It is capable of generating 44 MW of electricity, plus up to 160 tonnes per hour of steam for site distribution purposes.

Sembcorp has recently added a £20 million ST11 power generating steam turbine to its impressive list of facilities at the Wilton International site.

The ST11 steam turbine adds 52MW to the Wilton Power Station generating capacity. The plant has successfully restructured Sembcorp’s assets as it maximises the amount of electricity generated from the steam produced in the boilers at the power station. This plant has also boosted Sembcorp’s external power sales.

Sembcorp’s £7 million package boiler investment enhanced operations by boosting steam generating capability.

The four boilers, each capable of generating 30 tonnes of steam an hour, are smaller than the boilers at the adjacent Wilton Power Station but can be rapidly brought on and off line, allowing for greater flexibility in response to sudden increases in our customer’s steam demand.