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Water Treatment Plant

Water is one of the essential raw materials used by Sembcorp and its industrial customers on site.


Sembcorp supplies water in world scale quantities and in different forms from its Water Treatment Plant, one of the largest multi-stream facilities of its kind in Europe.


Raw Water Reservoir

is made at the plant and converted into steam by Sembcorp as part of its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) operations. Around 2,000 cubic metres an hour (broadly comparable to the amount in an Olympic sized swimming pool) can be distributed to site customers via the comprehensive pipeline infrastructure at Wilton International. It is also used by some customers in their own processes and can be distributed to customers off site by road tanker.

stored in reservoirs adjacent to the site, raw water is generally used for process cooling purposes and also as a back-up for use in emergency situations.

is supplied to development land areas and office and warehouse buildings across the Wilton International site.

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