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Triad Management

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What are Triads?

Triads are the three half-hour periods of peak demand on the electricity transmission network during the winter (November to February inclusive). Triad Management focuses on reducing the demand or exporting electricity during peak periods which have a strong possibility of being declared as the Triads.

Our service

We can manage those occasions when a customer needs to reduce electricity use to lessen the likelihood of a Triad charge and/or generate to maximise export revenues. Our highly experienced team has a proven track record in operating Triad Management services for the benefit of consumers.

Our Triad Management service optimises potential returns and minimises costs by focusing on avoidance methods:

  •  Gas generation
  •  Backup generation/demand reduction
  •  Pure demand reduction


If you’re interested in how Sembcorp Energy UK’s Triad Management services can benefit your business, contact: gbr-sol.info@sembcorp.com



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