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Wilton International

Sembcorp’s facilities at Wilton International are part of an interconnected industrial and chemical plant cluster across Teesside offering process and manufacturing firms (and new investors) the ability to connect into a cost effective and reliable common infrastructure.


The energy needs of firms at the Wilton International site are met through Sembcorp’s reliable onsite power generating facilities, backed up by a nearby National Grid connection.

Sembcorp has spent almost £300 million since 2003 transitioning the site to a low carbon and renewably fuelled Combined Heat and Power asset base, offering reliable power at competitive prices and has plans for further energy investment.

The company owns, operates and maintains the Wilton high voltage network – the largest privately owned electricity grid in the UK.

Power generated by Sembcorp and distributed to customers on (or outside) the site connected via a private wire is treated as “on site supply” and is therefore exempt from the requirement to hold a supply licence under the Electricity Act 1989 and the charges that apply, offering major energy cost saving advantages to potential investors.

Electricity is distributed at 66kV and 11kV on a 40Km (25 mile) ring main system set in an infrastructure corridor of more than 120Km (75 miles).

The extensive Sembcorp-owned service corridor also contains pipelines and pipe-racks, around 90 electrical substations/switchhouses, two tunnels under the River Tees and other distribution systems with existing rights of access and planning consent, saving investors time and money in getting new projects off the ground. Bulk storage terminals on the northern bank of the Tees can also be accessed via the service corridors and tunnels.


Wilton is a secure site with 9 miles of high security perimeter fencing monitored 24/7. By Falck Fire Services which also operates a rapid response fire, spill protection and ambulance service.

There are around 20 miles of internal roadway in between the various production plants, all of which are owned and maintained by Sembcorp. In addition the company owns one of the largest privately-owned rail sidings in the UK. Comprising 26 miles of Bullhead rail track, there is a direct connection into the Network Rail Middlesbrough to Saltburn rail line via the nearby Grangetown signal cabins.

Fast access to international markets can be made through Wilton’s direct connection to Teesport – one of the UK’s largest and deepest ports. The site also has a direct road link to the 4,500 acre South Tees Development Corporation regeneration zone.



Sembcorp has superb pipeline connections to a local gas distribution system and the National Transmission System.



The Wilton International site is approximately 2,000 acres in size (810 hectares) more than 550 acres of comprises easily available development land (owned either by Sembcorp or other parties).

Greenfield development plots on site benefit from having consented planning permission and the site’s Enterprize Zone Status provides Enhanced Capital Allowances on certain parts of the site.

Currently there are five main business on the site excluding Sembcorp

SABIC UK Petrochemicals makes ‘building block’ chemicals of ethylene and propylene at the Wilton ethylene ‘Cracker’ plant and also produces a form of plastic at its Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Plant

Lotte Chemical UK – makes Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) (i.e. bottle grade plastic) at two plants on the site: LC1 and the Melinar 5 plant.

Huntsman Polyurethanes produces aniline and nitrobenzene at two plants on site. The aniline is exported to a sister facility in Holland where it is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of MDI – a chemical used in the manufacture of a range of polyurethanes.

Ensus UK – operates a bio-refinery at the site producing ethanol (or alcohol) from wheat. The ethanol is sold to customers who blend it with petrol to make greener road fuels. The process also results in the production of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) – a high protein animal feed used by farmers, together with carbon dioxide used in the food and drinks industry.

Suez UK – operates a waste to energy plant at the site which utilises around 440,000 tonnes of household waste a year as a fuel to make electrical power and steam.

For more information on what Sembcorp can offer at Wilton International and the plots available to investors please visit www.wiltoninternational.com


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