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Industrial Park Services

Sembcorp provides a variety of important on-site services that are highly valued by customers and help companies to focus entirely on their core manufacturing activities.


The Wilton International site contains more than 400 miles of electrical cable, distributing power produced on site to customers in a variety of process industry sectors. Surplus power can be exported to the nation via the nearby National Grid transmission system. A dedicated HV team manages the cabling, cable routes and electrical switchgear on site to ensure reliability and continuity of supply.

Millions of tonnes of steam is distributed at different pressures (high, intermediate and low) from Sembcorp’s power facilities to firms through a comprehensive network of pipelines. The Sembcorp pipelines team is responsible for the management and maintenance of more than 75 miles of pipeline infrastructure spanning the site and Teesside’s main industrial locations on both sides of the River Tees.



Our professional management of the Wilton International site drainage system provides an invaluable service to customers, helping them comply with waste water discharge regulations, conserve resources and limit the environmental impact of their process operations.

Analytical Services

Sembcorp Analytical Services

We offer a range of services aimed at helping companies to function efficiently and comply with regulations set by the Environment Agency, the Health and Safety Executive and others.

Sembcorp’s Analytical Services team comprises highly qualified staff offering a full range of environmental and process control analytical techniques.

We offer a full 7-day a week service to our industrial customers and other businesses and are proud to have international ISO 17025 and ISO9001 accreditation for analysis of asbestos, trade effluents, treated water, occupational hygiene plus recycled and coppiced biomass wood fuel.


Also offered is a bespoke request for analysis service utilising some of the most up to date analytical techniques for the assessment of ‘unknown samples’.


The range of techniques we employ and high quality equipment we can offer enables us to carry out:

Trade Effluent Analysis

Biomass Analysis

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

Asbestos Sampling and Analysis

Identification of Unknowns

Occupational Sound Monitoring

Method Development


For further information email UK-Analytical@sembcorp.com or click here to read more.

Supplier Village

For smaller supply chain companies looking to be nearer to their customers the Supplier Village is ideal, offering long and short term lease options.

Securely located in the centre of the Wilton International site, the Supplier Village offers unrivalled access to major process industry firms who need rapid delivery of a wide range of goods and services.


Buildings, Roads and Land Management (BRLM) is a Sembcorp team dedicated to the management of around 20 miles of internal site roadway, buildings, warehouses, offices and development land.


The Sembcorp Stores facility gives customers access to over 25,000 square meters of secure storage space on competitively priced, long or short term contracts with the option of either fixed or flexible charging mechanisms, allowing for both frequent stock turnover or long term static storage.

Stock management services to support businesses include goods receipt, issue, returns, delivery and stock check.


Investors coming to the Wilton International site can rely on advice from Sembcorp’s experienced PR advisors to steer and support them in their communications with the many external groups and bodies interested in their activities, from local authorities to neighbouring community groups.

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