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Sembcorp Energy UK is the powerhouse behind the Wilton International site on Teesside. We generate and supply world-scale quantities of power and steam to industrial customers on the site – one of the UK’s most important manufacturing locations - via a number of low carbon, sustainable generating assets. Surplus power from the site is exported to the National Grid to support the energy requirements of the UK public and businesses.


W10 General View

The Sembcorp Biomass Power Station, also known as Wilton 10, pioneered the use of sustainable sources of wood in large scale UK power production when it came into operation in 2007.

Using around 300,000 tonnes of wood as a sustainable form of fuel each year, the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility can generate enough electricity to power around 50,000 households and achieves a saving of around 200,000 tonnes of carbon a year when compared to fossil fuel power production.

The fuel comprises low grade recycled wood with no other practical use, sawmill residues and small Roundwood logs from managed forests in the North East.

 W11 Exterior

Sembcorp is a partner in the £250 million Merseyside Energy Recovery plant, also known as Wilton 11. Operated by Suez UK, a recycling and resource management company, Sembcorp can take supplies of power and steam into the site for use by major manufacturers.

Capable of generating enough electricity to power around 63,000 homes, the plant utilises around 440,000 tonnes of household and residual waste as a fuel each year to make energy in a more sustainable way. With elements capable of being recycled already having been removed, the use of the material to generate energy prevents it going landfill. The plant results in a saving of almost 130,000 tonnes of carbon a year compared to fossil fuel production methods.



Our two modern and efficient CHP gas turbines add to the reliability of power and steam production at the Wilton International site and, alongside a steam turbine, can be used flexibly and responsively to meet on and off site power needs.


Four versatile Package Boiler units are designed to supplement steam capacity at the site. The boilers can be rapidly brought on and off line allowing for greater flexibility in response to sudden increases in site steam demand.



Sembcorp is moving ahead with a project to add to the power potential of the Wilton International site. The Tees Combined Cycle Power Project (Tees CCPP) represents an important step forward in the future development of the site  and would play a significant part in the battle to secure the UK’s energy future.

It is a proposal to design, build and operate a new combined cycle gas turbine power plant at the 2,000 acre Tees Valley complex.

The plant would utilise the site’s existing infrastructure to power existing and future site operators, but could also provide the public with power via existing National Grid connections. With a capacity of up to 1,700 MW of electricity – enough to meet the power needs of up to 1.5 million households or around 5 million people – it could create 60 to 80 permanent new jobs and support a further 1,000 jobs in construction during a 3 year build phase. Once built, it would require the support of hundreds of people in its supply chain over a lifespan of around 30 years.

The project requires planning permission and the Planning Inspectorate is the Government agency responsible for operating the planning process for nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs) such as the Tees CCPP Project.  Further information is available via www.tccpp.co.uk

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