UK team join fight for cleaner beaches.

UK, Oct 04, 2019

Miserable conditions failed to dampen the spirits of a small but determined group of Sembcorp Energy UK litter pickers.

Cold, wet and windy weather couldn’t prevent six environmentally-conscious Sembcorp volunteers carrying out a clean-up of a popular Teesside beach.

The enthusiastic employees – Fatima Iqbal, Laura McLaughlin, Dawn Brady, Terry Waldron, Kevin Innes and Graham Taylor - scoured the sands of Seaton Carew near Hartlepool for debris. Sembcorp Energy UK Limited Registered in England, Reg. No. 11369893 Registered Office: Sembcorp UK Headquarters, Wilton International, Middlesbrough TS90 8WS

Sadly, they found plenty of material capable of causing damage to marine life and humans, including glass and plastic bottles, baby wipes, ropes and nylon fishing line.

In total, they bagged more than 125 kilogrammes of rubbish as the UK’s contribution to the Sembcorp Gives Back Week of activities around the globe. Desperate to collect more, the tide and some truly appalling weather eventually closed in, making it impossible for the volunteers to continue.

The team had originally intended to clean up Redcar beach, closer to the Wilton International site, using equipment supplied by the not-for-profit Friends of Redcar (FRED) group.

However, just days earlier, FRED had done such a good job at cleaning up the beach that there wasn’t enough rubbish to collect, forcing the last minute change of location.

Fatima said: "It was a tremendous effort. Everyone really got into the spirit of the event despite the horrible weather and a number of passers-by stopped to complement Sembcorp on the Gives Back initiative."

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